Title: First Priority International: Your Streamlined Solution for Oversize/Overweight Permit Services

We are thrilled to announce that First Priority Transport is expanding its services under a new entity, First Priority International, to offer Oversize/Overweight (OD/OW) Permit Services. This addition is part of our commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for the logistics industry.

Streamlined Permit Services for Carriers

Ordering permits for OD/OS freight can be a time-consuming and expensive process. At First Priority International, we have streamlined this tedious task to save carriers both time and money. Choosing us means enjoying cost-effective and time-efficient permit ordering and processing.

How We Help Carriers

  • Cost Savings: We guarantee cost savings compared to other permit providers, drawing from our experience of working with various companies in the past.
  • Carrier-Friendly Approach: We are a carrier-friendly and carrier alternative, handling the entire process of applying and registering to haul OD/OW freight. Our expertise extends to educating carriers on equipment requirements and state-specific regulations, ensuring smooth operations.

Empowering Shippers with Cost Estimates

For shippers, our permit services open avenues for negotiating rates and quotes for OD/OS freight transportation. By referring to our services, they gain a competitive edge in negotiations. Shippers can now provide accurate quotes by factoring in the cost of permits, eliminating the risk of being overcharged. This transparency ensures a fair and informed pricing structure.

How We Help Shippers

  • Cost Estimates: We offer precise cost estimates, allowing shippers to negotiate rates more effectively.
  • Negotiation Tactic: Including permit costs in negotiations provides shippers with a bargaining tactic, resulting in accurate quotes and potential cost savings.

Supporting Brokers for Informed Decision-Making

Brokers can benefit from our permit services by gaining a comprehensive understanding of permit costs and regulations. By partnering with us, brokers can ensure accurate quoting, bid competitively, and recommend compliant carriers to maintain healthy business margins.

How We Help Brokers

  • Knowledge and Understanding: We equip brokers with knowledge and understanding, enabling them to quote accurately and make informed decisions.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our services help brokers recommend compliant carriers, ensuring efficient transportation of customer freight.

Conclusion: Unlocking Possibilities in OD/OW Transportation

In conclusion, First Priority International is excited to pave the way for carriers and brokers entering the OD/OW sector. We aim to provide transparent and cost-effective solutions, empowering shippers with accurate data for moving OD/OW freight. This marks the beginning of our commitment to transparency in the freight industry, and we look forward to opening new doors of possibility.

For more information or to inquire about our services, please contact us at [Your Contact Information].

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